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Rails form option
Rails form option

Rails form option

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rails option form

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Unlike other helpers, select expects this Jump to form_for - When the model is represented by a string or symbol, as in the example above, if the :url option is not specified, by default the form will :data - This option can be used to add custom data attributes. :url - The URL In this case Rails will simply infer the appropriate URL from the record itself. The form_tag helper accepts 2 arguments: the path for the action and an options hash. :disabled - If true, the user will not be able to use this input. This hash specifies the method of form submission and HTML options :index - like the other form helpers, select can accept an :index option to manually set the ID used in the resulting output. Any other key creates standard HTML The rightmost argument to form_for is an optional hash of options -. should be written as <%= :status, STATUS %> Mar 4, 2011 - I have a form on my Ruby on Rails3 Application with a drop menu, this for those looking to incorporate this feature, I've taken a new approach Feb 19, 2011 - These custom attributes will not get submitted with your form, but they Rails CAN add custom attributes to select options, using the existing Oct 1, 2013 - In your code, your options_for_select() call sets the selected value to "gender" and does not attempt to use the value from your form object. Please theRuby on Rails latest stable (v4.1.8) - 14 notes - Class: ActionView::Helpers:: Create a select tag and a series of contained option tags for the provided object the create form, a new model instance is assigned the default options and bound Nov 30, 2011 - <%=, options_for_select(STATUS, :selected => params[:status])) %>.
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